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Tim Laman is a field biologist, explorer, photographer, and filmmaker. His cameras are his tools for telling the stories of rare and endangered wildlife, and revealing some of earthís wildest places. His aims are to explore and document poorly known species, and promote awareness and conservation. Tim spends many months a year on expeditions to study and photograph the biodiversity of earthís richest realms working with the National Geographic Society and Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Timís eight-year project documenting the Birds-of-Paradise has come to fruition with the book: BIRDS OF PARADISE: REVEALING THE WORLDíS MOST EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS.

Current projects include 4K wildlife filmmaking, and ongoing documentation of orangutans in the wild in collaboration with his wife, Cheryl Knott and her GUNUNG PALUNG ORANGUTAN PROJECT.

Please browse this site and Timís WILDLIFE DIARIES BLOG to learn more about Timís work. Images are available as prints, or for commercial licensing. Donít hesitate to Office@TimLaman.comus.

All images on this site are © Tim Laman.


Two Brown-winged Kingfishers perch on the same branch.  Possible beginning of courtship behavior.

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