World Press Photo Win

Tim’s orangutan story has won 1st prize for the Nature Stories category in the 2016 World Press Photo Contest!  You can see his winning story “Tough Times for Orangutans” on the World Press Photo website.


The lives of wild orangutans are brought to light. Threats to these orangutans from fires, the illegal animal trade and loss of habitat due to deforestation have …


  1. Guy Dupuis says:

    Saw the pic with the orangutan climbing the tree…were you shooting remote or were you behind the lens waiting for a visitor 🙂

    • Tim Laman says:

      Hi Guy,
      Most definitely a remote shot. A wild orangutan would never allow me to be in the same tree with him. Hard part was getting the camera in the right place and getting the orangutan to pass by….. lots of up and down trees for this one.

      • Guy Dupuis says:

        I figured that one didn’t necessarily want to get too close to a wild orangutan…I was wondering if he might have decided to climb the tree while you were up there, which would not have been a fun encounter…glad to see you were out of harm’s way…those were great shots and 1st place was well deserved…take care.


  2. Malc Jones says:

    Brilliant picture my friend. I do hope it will make more people aware of the orangutans plight…Keep up the good work and all the best to you and yours..

  3. what a great article and I appreciate other comments as well.