Tim Featured In Canon Ad

Tim Laman in Canon Advertisement.

Tim Laman in Canon Advertisement.


In the October issue of National Geographic Japan, Canon has taken out a multipage add featuring Tim.  This picture was taken while photographing birds for his mangroves assignment.  The ad is 4 pages and folds out from behind the front cover.  To see some of the things Tim was photographing in Florida visit Tim Laman’s Mangroves Gallery.  (Photo by Zafer Kizilkaya)

About what he is doing here, Tim said “I waded into the water with my tripod to try get closer to the  roseate spoonbills I was photographing.  The sea was flat calm, and the bottom was pretty solid, so I kept slowly moving closer.  Pretty soon I was in over my waist, but it really helped me get closer.  I’m always willing to take some risk with my gear to get a unique angle….”

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