Cockatoo Pair

I am still in the Cape York Peninsula of Australia.  The spectacular Sulfur-crested Cockatoos are so common here, that we rarely give them a second look after several weeks in the field.  But this pair at a nest cavity was worth a shot.

Trials of the Backroads

Tim is still in the Cape York Peninsula of Australia on an assignment for National Geographic.  Below are his latest Instagram posts.

Eri Mulder and Drew Fulton change a flat on a remote track during our explorations of the Peninsula.

















A Nepenthes pitcher plant highlights a wetland called Sheldon’s Lagoon, an example of the incredible diversity of habitats on the Cape.


Elliot Falls, one of the falls along the beautiful pristine rivers of the Peninsula, photographed from mid river.

Eclectus Parrot Males

Tim’s photo of the day is two male Eclectus Parrots squabbling at a nest cavity, revealing their incredible colors.