In The Media

Here are some links to coverage of Tim Laman and his projects in the media:

BBC Planet Earth 2 – Discovering details of the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise display

BBC One – Birds of Paradise – A New Perspective

BBC Earth – Secret Bird of Paradise Dating Dance Revealed


Winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016:

National Geographic


BBC News

USA Today

The Guardian



New Species found in Cape Melville, Australia:

• The Harvard Gazette:  “Three days, three wild finds”     5 November 2013

• CNN:  “Scientist discover lizard, frog species in untrod Australian rainforest”                     28 Oct 2013

• Huffington Post:  “Scientists Discover 3 New Species In Australia’s ‘Lost World'”              28 Oct 2013

•  National Geographic News:  “Spectacular New Species Found in “Lost World””                25 Oct 2013

•  CBS News: “Three new species discovered in Australia”  28 Oct 2013

•  Brisbane Times:  “New creatures found in Queensland ‘Lost World'”  28 Oct 2013

•  The Guardian:  “Gecko that looks like a leaf among new species found in Australia’s ‘lost world'”  28 Oct 2013

•  International Business Times:  “‘Lost World’ In Australia Uncovered Species On Cape Melville”  28 Oct 2013

•  Daily Mail:  “Inside Australia’s lost world: Film crew discovers bizarre new species of gecko, skink and frog isolated in remote mountain range for millions of years”                28 Oct 2013

•  Daily Telegraph:  “New creatures found in Cape York’s ‘lost world'”  28 Oct 2013



Mark Godfrey Selects: Tim Laman on Birds of Paradise – Interview on YouTube

• THE NATURE CONSERVANCY:  LOOK3 Audio Tours  May 2013


• SEATTLE TIMES:  “Bird-of-Paradise rituals on display in National Geo show”  26 Apr 2013.

• KERA Radio Interview, Dallas:  “Capturing the Birds-of-Paradise”  11 April 2013.

• GLOBAL NEWS TV Interview, Toronto:  “Birds of Paradise”  8 April 2013.

• POP PHOTO:  “For the First Time, All 39 Species of Birds-of-Paradise Have Been Captured on Film”  6 Feb 2013

• THE GRAND HAVEN TRIBUNE:  “Biologist and photographer features “Birds of Paradise” 20 Jan 2013.

• THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:  “How to Impress a Bird”  (requires subscription)

• WIRED magazine:  “Rare Glimpses of Amazing Birds-of-Paradise Courtship Rituals”  12 Dec 2012.

• DISCOVER magazine:  “Capturing the Courtship Rituals of Bizarre Birds-of-Paradise”  12 Dec 2012.

• THE WASHINGTON POST:  “Top 10 Museums of 2012”  7 Dec 2012.

• THE BOSTON GLOBE:  “A bird’s-eye view of nature’s flashiest showmen”  26 Nov 2012.

• PETAPIXEL:  “Gotta Catch ‘em all:  Photog Spends Eight Years Capturing the 39 Birds of Paradise”  23 Nov 2012.

• NPR – SCIENCE FRIDAY:  “Birds Gone Wild”   20 Nov 2012.

• HARVARD GAZETTE:  “Glimpses of Paradise”   20 Nov 2012.

• THE WASHINGTON POST (in print and online editions):  “Birds-of-Paradise at the National Geographic Museum”  (Feature on Tim Laman’s exhibit). 16 Nov 2012.



• CHINA RADIO INTERNATIONAL:  “Tim Laman Uncovers the Secret Life of Birds” (on air and on-line).  23 May 2011.

• OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER:  “The Wildlife Photojournalist” (Profile of Tim Laman)  August 2010.

• PDN (PHOTO DISTRICT NEWS):  “Tim Laman: The Jungle Look”  (Profile of Tim Laman) June 2008. (requires subscription)