Field gear for a Birds-of-Paradise trip


Repacking expedition gear in a hotel room in Lae, PNG, before flying by bushplane into the Huon Peninsula. Nov 2006, during the Birds-of-Paradise Project.

In my work, every wildlife picture usually has a lot of gear and a lot of planning and preparation behind it.  In this shot I am in a hotel room in Lae, Papua New Guinea, getting organized to make an expedition into the Huon Peninsula to photograph the Huon Astrapia, a very poorly known member of the Birds-of-Paradise family, back in 2006.  After the international and domestic flights to get to Lae, I had to repack for a bush plane flight into a remote airstrip called Yawan.  From there, I would hire villagers to help carry my gear, and make a strenuous all day hike up to a research camp.  That’s why here in this hotel room, I needed to repack from the large duffels used for international air travel, into reasonable porter loads consisting of small pelican cases and dry-bag backpacks.  Sometimes I feel like I spend more time packing and repacking than shooting.


  1. Wish i had your job. Sure do love shooting birds!! Wish i was one at times!!