Blue Bird-of-Paradise

Tim has had his images published in Canon’s Wildlife As Canon See It series many times over the years.  His latest one was in July issue of National Geographic and it features the beautiful Blue Bird-of-Paradise.  This image is also used in Tim’s new book Birds of Paradise: Revealing The World’s Most Extraordinary Birds.  Contact the office to preorder your signed copy!

Singing Wings

Back in May 2012, National Geographic published Tim’s story on Manakins.  Tim went to Ecuador to photograph the Club-winged Manakin, along with other species of Manakins, for Kimberly Bostwick, an evolutionary biologist at Cornell University.  Visit Kim’s Beta website at to see Tim’s videos and learn more about these interesting passerines.  To see Tim’s photographs of Manakins, including the Red-capped and Wire-tailed Manakins, visit Tim’s Online Archive.  You can also see the moonwalk in the Red-capped Manakin video.

Birds-of-Paradise Book

It has been eight years in the making, but Tim’s book, with collaborator Edwin Scholes, BIRDS OF PARADISE: REVEALING THE WORLD’S MOST EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS is finally complete and currently being shipped from the printers. Tim just received his advanced copy, and we are happy to report that the printing quality fully meets his expectations.  It will be on sale from Oct 23, so please contact the office to reserve a copy now. If you buy it directly from us, Tim will sign and even personalize your copy if you like. This is a book like none other that you are not going to want to miss.


Opening spread for Tim’s Manakins story from May 2012

In the May issue of National Geographic Tim’s story on Manakins was published. This project was shot for Dr. Kimberly Bostwick’s research on the impressive little birds.  She is studying how the club-winged manakin (above) attracts females by rubbing his wings together instead of using his voice.

Hormone Hunters


On the cover of the Fall 2011 edition of Boston University’s Arts & Sciences magazine is Tim’s picture of an orangutans.  The story is about his wife, Cheryl Knott, and her research on the great apes of Borneo Island.  Since 1992, Cheryl has studied orangutan reproduction and nutrition.  She found a correlation between food availability and fertility and compairs it to humans.  To see more images of orangutans, and other wildlife in Borneo, please visit our online archive.  View Tim Laman’s Orangutans in the Wild and Borneo Rain Forest galleries to see more wildlife images.

Canon Advertisments

In August, Tim received a NG Assignment from Canon Japan.  He was featured in a television commercial, print ads, and interviews which are all posted on CANON JAPAN’S WEBSITE.  The add was for Canon’s new 400mm f/2.8 lens which Tim was using to shoot scarlet ibises in Venezuela.

Resource Magazine

Tricks of the Trade in Resource Magazine

In the summer issue of Resource magazine Tim was featured in the Tricks of the Trade.  Tim gives 7 tips about shooting wildlife.

Conservation Biology

Yucca whipplei

Tim’s picture was used on the August 2011 issue of Conservation Biology.  Our Lord’s candle (Yucca whipplei) was photographed in San Diego, California.  The image relates to the article on endemic plants and the identification of stresses on biological diversity due to climate change.

Ziegler at Work

Tim photographed good friend and fellow Nat Geo photographer Christian Ziegler working on a story about Panama’s balsa tree.  National Geographic magazine published Christian’s story “Open All Night” in May 2011.  The story was also published in National Geographic Germany’s July 2011 issue.  They used two of Tim’s pictures of Christian working from his tower in the canopy.


Christian Ziegler photographs a Ochroma flower.

Photographer Christian Ziegler shoots from his scaffolding tower at a flowering Ochroma tree.

Tim and Christian also were on a team of 4 photographers that shot a RAVE on Bioko Island in 2008 for a Nat Geo story.  You can see Tim’s Bioko Island pictures in his online archive.




The Bund

A couple of months ago when Tim was in China he was featured in “The Bund” magazine.  In the May 26th, 2011 issue the above picture was the opening spread of the Bund Forum.  Four of Tim’s pictures were featured in the article and it ended with another picture of Tim by the local photographer.