Konica Minolta Gallery in Japan


Tim’s work is on display at the Konica Minolta building in Japan.  Entitled “Biodiversity II”, it includes a wide variety of Tim’s best work.  This is Tim’s second Biodiversity gallery in this space.  Also included is a short movie of his video work in the rainforest.

Recent Media Coverage of the Birds-of-Paradise Project

Over the past three months, a lot has been going on with my Birds-of-Paradise Project.  Here is a collection of some of the main websites that have picked up the Birds-of-Paradise Story:

WIRED magazine:  “Rare Glimpses of Amazing Birds-of-Paradise Courtship Rituals” 

DISCOVER magazine:  “Capturing the Courtship Rituals of Bizarre Birds-of-Paradise” 

THE WASHINGTON POST:  “Top 10 Museums of 2012”

THE BOSTON GLOBE:  “A bird’s-eye view of nature’s flashiest showmen”

PETAPIXEL:  “Gotta Catch ‘em all:  Photog Spends Eight Years Capturing the 39 Birds of Paradise”

NPR – SCIENCE FRIDAY:  “Birds Gone Wild” 

HARVARD GAZETTE:  “Glimpses of Paradise”

New Articles in National Geographic

Check out the two latest issues of National Geographic magazine for Tim’s articles:

Opening spread of the Birds of Paradise story in Dec 2012 National Geographic

December 2012 features the Birds of Paradise story.  See the story at National Geographic.

January 2013 is a Special Issue of National Geographic kicking off the 125th Anniversary of the Society and celebrating Exploration.  Tim was part of a team of five photographers sent on assignment to Yasuni National Park in Ecuador to document the most species-rich place on the planet.

This issue of Nat Geo has a series of five covers on the front of the magazine.  Tim’s image above is featured as the “second” cover.  See the story at National Geographic.

World Premier at the Banff Mountain Film Festival

Last weekend the Banff Mountain Film Festival premiered “Winged Seduction – The Birds Of Paradise”.  This National Geographic television film is a part of the Birds of Paradise project that goes along with the Birds of Paradise book, National Geographic Exhibit and article.  Birds of Paradise Revealing The World’s Most Extraordinary Birds is now available for purchase.  You can purchase a signed copy of the Birds of Paradise book from Tim Laman’s online store.

Blue Bird-of-Paradise

Tim has had his images published in Canon’s Wildlife As Canon See It series many times over the years.  His latest one was in July issue of National Geographic and it features the beautiful Blue Bird-of-Paradise.  This image is also used in Tim’s new book Birds of Paradise: Revealing The World’s Most Extraordinary Birds.  Contact the office to preorder your signed copy!

Singing Wings

Back in May 2012, National Geographic published Tim’s story on Manakins.  Tim went to Ecuador to photograph the Club-winged Manakin, along with other species of Manakins, for Kimberly Bostwick, an evolutionary biologist at Cornell University.  Visit Kim’s Beta website at www.SingingWings.org to see Tim’s videos and learn more about these interesting passerines.  To see Tim’s photographs of Manakins, including the Red-capped and Wire-tailed Manakins, visit Tim’s Online Archive.  You can also see the moonwalk in the Red-capped Manakin video.

Birds-of-Paradise Book

It has been eight years in the making, but Tim’s book, with collaborator Edwin Scholes, BIRDS OF PARADISE: REVEALING THE WORLD’S MOST EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS is finally complete and currently being shipped from the printers. Tim just received his advanced copy, and we are happy to report that the printing quality fully meets his expectations.  It will be on sale from Oct 23, so please contact the office to reserve a copy now. If you buy it directly from us, Tim will sign and even personalize your copy if you like. This is a book like none other that you are not going to want to miss.

Look3 Festival of the Photograph

Tim was not able to make it to the festival this year but did participate by showing a multimedia piece.  Entilted “How to Impress Females (In The Bird World)” was very well recieved at this years festival in Charlottesville, VA.  It is about the unique mating rituals of the birds of paradise and bowerbirds.  In each species, the males compete for females in very different ways.  You can watch the video through Tim’s website.

It is now featured on PDNPluse Video pick of the week.  Click here to watch Tim’s work on the Photo District News’ Blog.

China Radio International

Tim recently did a lecture in Beijing about photographing in the rainforest.  As a result there have been many local articles on Tim and his work.  China Radio International posted a story about Tim’s Bird of Paradise project with lots of Tim’s pictures.  They have an english version on their website.

Orangutans in the Mist

Tim’s recent DSLR video was used in a science video on  U.S. News’ website.  Produced by the National Science Foundation, the video features Tim’s wife, Cheryl Knott, as she talks about her orangutan research.  She has been working in Borneo for 18 years and speaks about her conservation efforts to help protect the endangered orangutan.  You can watch the movie on U.S. News Science page.  If you would like to see pictures on orangutans visit Tim Laman’s orangutan photo gallery.