Birds of Paradise in Outdoor Photographer

Birds of Paradise CoverThis months issue of Outdoor Photographer features a story on Tim’s Birds of Paradise project.  Writer Amy Gulick tells of Tim’s 8 year journey culminating with the publication of “Birds of Paradise: Revealing the World’s Most Extraordinary Birds”.  It features some of Tim’s best Birds of Paradise photographs.  You can view the article online at Outdoor Photographer’s website:  Birds of Paradise.  If you live in the U.S., you still have a couple more days to order the book to receive it before Christmas.  Purchase the Birds of Paradise book at Tim Laman’s store.

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N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences Host Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise exhibit that deputed at National Geographic headquarters last year is now on display at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  You can visit the exhibit through March 23rd, 2014.  Sarah Lindenfield Hall posed a nice review at

“Three Days, Three Wild Finds” in Harvard Gazette


A new species of Leaf-tailed Gecko.

A new species of Leaf-tailed Gecko.

Harvard University published a story on Tim’s recent discoveries of new species in Cape Melville, Australia.  This was part of his Cape York expedition where they were dropped off by a helicopter to the rainforest in the mountains made of boulders.  Tim is an associate of Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology after receiving his Ph.D. in Biology from the prestigious university.  View the entire story on the Harvard Gazette’s website.

Tim Featured In Canon Ad

Tim Laman in Canon Advertisement.

Tim Laman in Canon Advertisement.


In the October issue of National Geographic Japan, Canon has taken out a multipage add featuring Tim.  This picture was taken while photographing birds for his mangroves assignment.  The ad is 4 pages and folds out from behind the front cover.  To see some of the things Tim was photographing in Florida visit Tim Laman’s Mangroves Gallery.  (Photo by Zafer Kizilkaya)

About what he is doing here, Tim said “I waded into the water with my tripod to try get closer to the  roseate spoonbills I was photographing.  The sea was flat calm, and the bottom was pretty solid, so I kept slowly moving closer.  Pretty soon I was in over my waist, but it really helped me get closer.  I’m always willing to take some risk with my gear to get a unique angle….”

Cleaner Shrimp feature in Daily Mail

In August I photographed my son Russell diving off Bali, Indonesia, and getting his teeth cleaned by the cleaner shrimp that usually serve the needs of the local fish.  The UK newspaper Daily Mail has now published the story.  See it on DailyMail website:


Diver Russell Laman (age 13)  visiting a "cleaning station" on the reef, where fish come to have parasites and debris removed from their skin and teeth by shrimp.  The White-banded Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis),  recognize Russell's mouth as a source of food, and enters and begins to clean his teeth.

Diver Russell Laman (age 13) visiting a “cleaning station” on the reef, where fish come to have parasites and debris removed from their skin and teeth by shrimp. The White-banded Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis), recognize Russell’s mouth as a source of food, and enters and begins to clean his teeth.

Hornbills Of The World Available Now

Hornbills Of The World

You can now purchase the book Hornbills Of The World through our online store!  This soft cover book by Pilai Poonswad, Alan Kemp and Morten Strange features photographs by Tim Laman and 61 other contributors.  All 57 species are described with multiple photographs showing both the male and female birds.  Each species has a description, distribution map, and information on the breeding ecology, habits and status of these unique birds.


Birds-of-Paradise Presentation in Jakarta

I gave a presentation on Ed Scholes and my Birds-of-Paradise Project in Jakarta last week.  Read about it in the Jakarta Post!


 Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 10.42.14 PM

@America Presentation Online

If you were not able to attend Tim’s presentation, Birds of Paradise: Crown Jewels of Indonesia’s Biodiversity, you can watch it online.  The @America website posted the entire talk.  You can also see some pictures they took here.

New Book on Hornbills



Tim started shooting hornbills many years ago and did a story for National Geographic Magazine in July 1999.  Hornbills Of The World is a photographic guide that gives descriptions of all the species and other general information like their unique breeding behavior.  Tim’s photographs are used for most of the Asian species of hornbills.  Soon this book will be available to purchase on our website, Tim Laman’s Wildlife Photo Archive.  You can see Tim’s spectacular hornbill photos here – Tim Laman Wildlife Photojournalist.