Trials of the Backroads

Tim is still in the Cape York Peninsula of Australia on an assignment for National Geographic.  Below are his latest Instagram posts.

Eri Mulder and Drew Fulton change a flat on a remote track during our explorations of the Peninsula.

















A Nepenthes pitcher plant highlights a wetland called Sheldon’s Lagoon, an example of the incredible diversity of habitats on the Cape.


Elliot Falls, one of the falls along the beautiful pristine rivers of the Peninsula, photographed from mid river.

The Drop into Palm Creek

Off Roading

Eric Hahn guides Pete Ikin into the drop at the Palm Creek crossing on the Overland Telegraph Line track up the center of the Cape York Peninsula.  These are the kinds of bad roads we encountered in some remote parts of the Cape York Peninsula.

Milky Way

Tim is in remote Cape York Peninsula, Australia, for an assignment for National Geographic.  He has been sending out pictures along his journey where you can see them here or @TimLaman on Instagram.  The Milky Way lights up the night over camp near the Archer River.  It is nice to be so farm from the cities that the stars shine this brightly.

Ziegler at Work

Tim photographed good friend and fellow Nat Geo photographer Christian Ziegler working on a story about Panama’s balsa tree.  National Geographic magazine published Christian’s story “Open All Night” in May 2011.  The story was also published in National Geographic Germany’s July 2011 issue.  They used two of Tim’s pictures of Christian working from his tower in the canopy.


Christian Ziegler photographs a Ochroma flower.

Photographer Christian Ziegler shoots from his scaffolding tower at a flowering Ochroma tree.

Tim and Christian also were on a team of 4 photographers that shot a RAVE on Bioko Island in 2008 for a Nat Geo story.  You can see Tim’s Bioko Island pictures in his online archive.




Raja Ampat Aerials

Tim was recently in the Raja Ampat Islands of Indonesia again, continuing shooting for his Birds of Paradise Project.  He had a chance to shoot aerials from the front seat of pilot Max Ammer’s ultralight.  Max has been a leader in the exploration and conservation of this area for many years and besides owning the premier diving destination resort in the area (check out, he has founded the Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center which aims to promote the study and conservation of the unparalleled biodiversity of this region.

These amazing islands are home to two unique species of Birds of Paradise.  Check out the time lapse video of Tim and Max’s flight.