Mission Critical: Orangutan On The Edge Premiers on Earth Day

This Friday at 9 pm, the Nat Geo Wild Channel will premier Tim’s show on Orangutans.  As you can see below, if you check out their website now you can view clips from the show along with a slideshow of Tim’s images.  Learn about Orangutans and Tim’s mission to save them at Nat Geo Wild’s website.

NG Wild Orangutans

Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Cobalt-winged Parakeets (Brotogeris cyanoptera) at a clay lick south of the Napo River, Yasuni National Park, Orellana Province, Ecuador

Cobalt-winged Parakeets (Brotogeris cyanoptera) at a clay lick south of the Napo River, Yasuni National Park, Orellana Province, Ecuador

For the January 2013 issue of National Geographic magazine, I was part of a team of five Nat Geo photographers including Ivan Kashinsky, Karla Gachet, David Liittschwager and Steve Winter.  We went to Ecuador for one month to document the biologically richest place on the planet, Yasuni National Park, and the important conservation issues and human cultural issues surrounding it.  Here is the feature story at Nat Geo.

You can see how all our efforts came together to tell the story in this interactive.

Also, Spencer Milsap of Nat Geo produced this video piece, which my assistant Anand Varma and I also helped to shoot.  It captures what it was like to work on this story in the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador.




YUS Conservation Area

In January of 2009, The YUS Conservation Area in Papua New Guinea became the first of its kind.  More than 35 villages agreed to protect this area, named after the three rivers: the Yopno, Uruwa, and Som, to prohibit logging, hunting and mining.  You can find out more in the article Tim wrote and photographed in the August/September 2010 issue of National Wildlife.  If you missed the issue you can see the whole thing at the NWF website.

Mangroves On The Edge?

Tim’s mangrove images are featured in the summer issue of The Nature Conservancy magazine.  The opening spread of the mangroves feature is an aerial view of the Sarawak Mangrove Reserve near Kuching, Malaysia.

Mangroves opening spread in Summer TNC

Tim also has a photo essay with 6 different images, each representing a different aspect of the mangroves.  Below is the opening image on restoration.

Mangroves photo essay TNC Summer 2010

Also included in the essay are images on harvest, range, biodiversity, protection and threats.

Red List Species of the Day

The IUCN is celebrating the International year of Biodiversity 2010 by creating the Species of the Day.  Today Tim’s image of the Panay Monitor Lizard (Varanus mabitang) is used for Species of the Day.  The Panay Monitor Lizard is an endangered species endemic to Panay Island in the Philippines.  To learn more go to Species of the Day.

Discovery in the Foja Mountains

To see more of Tim’s images from the Foja Mountains go to NGM’s photo galleries.

Foja Mountains Article Hits Newsstands

The June issue of National Geographic is out.  Check out Tim’s article “Discovery in the Foja Mountains” on page 110.   It illustrates the wide diversity of species and what it took to study the remarkable area.

Also, to go along with the NG story was a press release.  You can read the articles and view some pictures on the web at TIME or Conservation International.