Green Python!

Tim is now in the rain forests of the Iron Range National Park, and he was lucky enough to find the famous Green Python. Certainly one of the world’s most beautiful snakes, and another species showing the former New Guinea connection to this part of Australia.

Flying Foxes

Little Red Flying-foxes hanging upside-down.

A late afternoon hike took us to a roosting site of the Little Red Flying-foxes, which were hanging upside-down in incredible numbers, including these two. Flying-foxes are of course not foxes at all, but large fruit eating bats, and are among the most abundant mammals here.

Papuan Frogmouth

This nocturnal bird, the Papuan Frogmouth, is a perfect example of a species found only in New Guinea and this part of Australia.  Tim found it by spotlighting at night.  Notice the large red eyes that it uses to catch pray in the dark.

Milky Way

Tim is in remote Cape York Peninsula, Australia, for an assignment for National Geographic.  He has been sending out pictures along his journey where you can see them here or @TimLaman on Instagram.  The Milky Way lights up the night over camp near the Archer River.  It is nice to be so farm from the cities that the stars shine this brightly.

Spotted Cuscus

Out spotlighting at night for nocturnal mammals, we found this Spotted Cuscus, another one of Australia’s unique marsupials, along the Archer River.  On assignment for National Geographic in the Cape York Peninsula, Australia.

Agile Wallaby

An Agile Wallaby carries for joey in her pouch while out foraging, Cape York Peninsula, Australia.

Tim has an Instagram account!  Tim will be regularly posting to his account @TimLaman as well as @NatGeo.  Here is one of his more recent posts from Australia where he is currently on assignment for National Geographic.