Jakarta Presentation

22 August_@america_presentation_Birds of Paradise_eposter

This week Tim will be presenting his Birds of Paradise talk at @america.  This cutting edge cultural center is in Jakarta, Indonesia.  From 7 – 9 pm, Tim will be at Pacific Place and it is open to all.  If you are in the area, check it out!



1st Place in the World’s Rarest Birds

Tim won first place in the World’s Rarest Birds competition.  His photo of the Marquesan Imperial-pigeon won 1st place in the Endangered category.

1st Place Winner - The Marquesan Imperial-pigeon

1st Place Winner – The Marquesan Imperial-pigeon


This image, along with other of Tim’s images, have been published in the book The World’s Rarest Birds by Erik Hirschfeld, Andy Swash, and Robert Still.  You can see the story, along with the other winners, by the Huffington Post.



Highly Honored in Nature’s Best

Striped Triplefins


In the 2012 Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards, this picture of two striped triplefins resting on the surface of a sponge was highly honored in the category, Small World.  An exhibition of the winning images will be on display in the National Museum of Natural History starting June 2013.

Konica Minolta Gallery in Japan


Tim’s work is on display at the Konica Minolta building in Japan.  Entitled “Biodiversity II”, it includes a wide variety of Tim’s best work.  This is Tim’s second Biodiversity gallery in this space.  Also included is a short movie of his video work in the rainforest.

New Articles in National Geographic

Check out the two latest issues of National Geographic magazine for Tim’s articles:

Opening spread of the Birds of Paradise story in Dec 2012 National Geographic

December 2012 features the Birds of Paradise story.  See the story at National Geographic.

January 2013 is a Special Issue of National Geographic kicking off the 125th Anniversary of the Society and celebrating Exploration.  Tim was part of a team of five photographers sent on assignment to Yasuni National Park in Ecuador to document the most species-rich place on the planet.

This issue of Nat Geo has a series of five covers on the front of the magazine.  Tim’s image above is featured as the “second” cover.  See the story at National Geographic.

World Premier at the Banff Mountain Film Festival

Last weekend the Banff Mountain Film Festival premiered “Winged Seduction – The Birds Of Paradise”.  This National Geographic television film is a part of the Birds of Paradise project that goes along with the Birds of Paradise book, National Geographic Exhibit and article.  Birds of Paradise Revealing The World’s Most Extraordinary Birds is now available for purchase.  You can purchase a signed copy of the Birds of Paradise book from Tim Laman’s online store.

Blue Bird-of-Paradise

Tim has had his images published in Canon’s Wildlife As Canon See It series many times over the years.  His latest one was in July issue of National Geographic and it features the beautiful Blue Bird-of-Paradise.  This image is also used in Tim’s new book Birds of Paradise: Revealing The World’s Most Extraordinary Birds.  Contact the office to preorder your signed copy!

Trials of the Backroads

Tim is still in the Cape York Peninsula of Australia on an assignment for National Geographic.  Below are his latest Instagram posts.

Eri Mulder and Drew Fulton change a flat on a remote track during our explorations of the Peninsula.

















A Nepenthes pitcher plant highlights a wetland called Sheldon’s Lagoon, an example of the incredible diversity of habitats on the Cape.


Elliot Falls, one of the falls along the beautiful pristine rivers of the Peninsula, photographed from mid river.

Eclectus Parrot Males

Tim’s photo of the day is two male Eclectus Parrots squabbling at a nest cavity, revealing their incredible colors.

Yellow-spotted Monitor Lizard

Tim laid on the ground to capture the feeling of this two meter long Yellow-spotted Monitor Lizard closing in.