Welcome to my WILDLIFE DIARIES website.

My passion is exploring the world – especially its remotest places and natural history wonders.  I am a field biologist by training.  Photography (along with video and other multimedia) is how I tell my stories.

People write to me every week to ask me questions about my work and how I got to where I am – working for National Geographic magazine, and organizing field expeditions as a National Geographic explorer.  I have decided to start this blog to share more about the work I do with you in an informal way.   I am posting in categories like “The Wildlife Diaries…” where I tell the stories behind some of my favorite pictures, and “Expedition Notebook”  where I share experiences from the field.

Maybe you will find some insights here, and I hope, some inspiration too.

There is a big world to explore out there!

All the best!

Tim Laman




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