Tim Laman


Books which Tim is the author and/or photographer.

The much anticipated book is now available.  With photographs and descriptions of all 39 species and exciting tails of their adventures, this book is sure to amaze.  You can purchase a copy of the stunning Birds of Paradise with Tim Laman's signature through Tim Laman's Wildlife Photo Archive
Tim's book has been translated into Japanese.  One great addition to this book is it contains QR codes that take you directly to videos of the birds.  The Japanese edition is available for purchase in bookstores in Japan or you can order it from the Nat Geo Japan website.
Purchase a signed copy.
Purchase a signed copy.
Face to Face with Orangutans, by Tim Laman and Cheryl Knott was released in May 2009.In this book Tim shares his stories of working with his wife, orangutan researcher Cheryl Knott, studying the wild orangutans of Borneo.  The book is entirely illustrated with Tim's unique images of fully wild orangutans and gives young readers not only a lot of interesting information about orangutans, but a real sense of what it is like to spend time with them in the rain forest.You can order it from Amazon.com.
This book is a collection of images of the Raja Ampat region of Indonesia from top photographers.  Tim's chapter describes his love for the region above and below the water.  You can purchase this book through our store in Tim's online archive.You can view the entire book online at the Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center.
This book covers the evolution, ecology, reproduction, and movement patterns of the 31 species of Asian hornbills that live throughout Asia.Copies of the book can be purchased at Amazon.com.